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Gilets Jaunes - Yellow Vests Protest

Start - November 17th, 2018 - Paris, France

Now France, Canada - On Going (Jan 15th, 2019)

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Twitter handle, Solidaires Nord


March 23th, 2019 - Updates

Yellow Vest protest in Paris: Week 19

Footage of peaceful #GiletsJaunes protesters being gassed today in Toulouse during #ActeXIX. While #Macron lectures the British on #Brexit and Venezuela on human rights and democracy, this is what he is doing to his own people.

Massive turnout in #Toulouse for #ActeXVI of the #GiletsJaunes protest. Ministry of the Interior announced 5,600 protesters across all of France. Ridiculous : thousands in this procession alone!!

ActeXVI "On est la, on est la, meme si Macron ne veut pas, on est la !" scandent les GiletsJaunes a Lille pour cet Acte16. Ils sont plusieurs milliers a defiler depuis le debut d'apres midi. 2mars

Acte16 : Voici comment on interpelle un Gilet Jaune deja menotte en plus.. surtout il faut maîtriser le croche-pied honteux! Denoncez et Partagez cette violence policiere svp

Picture of helmeted Macron Regime Forces kicking in shop windows last weekend to discredit #GiletsJaunes protesters in a #FalseFlag operation in #Acte18. #ActeXIX #Acte19 #MacronDemission #MacronMustGo

February 11th, 2019 - Updates

Is This The Craziest Gilets Jaunes Yellow Vest Protest Yet?

Hand torn off by grenade

Washington, DC - USA

12 minutes to understand the Yellow Jackets Movement in France

Theres a huge mobilization going on-many saying more than 100,000 people protesting

Spanish Stormtroopers brutally attack peaceful Catalan Independence supporters. Censored on MSM TV.

More than 10,000 protest in Belgrade against Serbian president

January 15th, 2019 - Updates

#Macron is using HELICOPTERS to fire tear gas cannisters against the #GiletsJaunes protesters?

Yellow Vest protester shot in the back of head. Caught on Video
Article - Discussion

Sebastien, sortie hopital #Flashball #ActeIX Paris

January 12th, 2019 - Updates

Fournissons aux chaines d'information en continu les images de ces grandes mobilisations pacifiques en hausse qu'elles ne parviennent decidement pas a diffuser ! Nous sommes les #GiletsJaunes et nous allons gagner ! #ActeIX #Lille

#GiletsJaunes reunis Place de la Bastille, la foule chante Liberez Christophe, Liberez Christophe ! #Dettinger #Acte9

#Bourges dansent place de #Seraucourt ! Les #GJ en pleine danse celtique ! RESISTANCE !!! #ActeIX #GiletsJaunesBourges

Macron Regime Forces use Tear Gas against peaceful #GiletsJaunes protesters in #Paris #ActeIX #Acte9 #12Janvier #MacronDemission #MacronMustGo

#ActeIX Les #GiletsJaunes de #SaintNazaire font la queue pour retirer leur argent des banques. @ThierryHameau

??#BREAKING #GiletsJaunes #Paris : Place de l'Etoile, un manifestant blesse par un tir tendu de #flashball en plein visage. Ils tirent deliberement sur nos JG hONTE A VOUS! #Acte9 #ActeIX @davduf #YellowVests #France #explosion #YellowVests #France #Macron #Benalla

Au moins 3000 personnes dans les rues de Dijon, du jamais vu #ActeIX #GiletsJaunes


January 7th, 2019

Ils ont fait une operation escargot en ramassant tous les dechets sur la route departementale

January 7th, 2019 Paris, France - Call to organize mass withdrawals from banks

January 6th, 2019 Paris, France - Womens march (1.5 Hours)

January 6th, 2019 Paris, France - #YellowVests SMASH The doors to French Ministry With A Forklift

January 5th, 2019 Paris, France - Ma fille s'est fait tabassee par plusieurs crs le 5 janvier 2019

January 5th, 2019 Paris, France - Paris manifestation acte 8 05/01/2019 Gilets jaunes

January 5th, 2019 - Yellow Vest Movement Founder Arrested

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December 29th, 2018 Paris, France - Yellow Vest protests held in Paris for 7th week in row (streamed live, 2 hours)

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December 28th, 2018 - Message important qui merite d'etre entendu et PARTAGER 28/12/2018 Gilets jaunes

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December 15th, 2018 Saskatoon, Canada - Canada Saskatoon #YellowVests #GiletsJaune #United


Reddit Discussion

'the police are always moving around in urban military like formations trying to corral the yellow vests and move them in different directions. They use tear gas a lot...

I talked to some of the protesters and have seen a large cross section of the different types participating...

When the mob ran into the mall they were nearly about to have to fire a bunch of cannisters of gas while a shit ton of civilians doing holiday shopping were there. It is nice to see a population that tries to give a shit but it doesn't seem that effective as there aren't specific "leaders" who have specific demands that the gov can settle with...

A friend that is a teacher at a school with a largely immigrant demographic said there was some striking happening there and the police came in and beat, gassed and arrested numerous employees of the school and it was unprecedented. A lot of students got gassed and the headmaster and friend of my friend had his face smashed with a baton and was arrested even though he wasn't one of the ones protesting. It's chaotic to be sure and I'm pretty sure in this kind of chaos any narrative can be spun and any propaganda could be pushed by merely focusing on whatever angle anyone with an agenda wants to focus on. Which i suppose is true of any mass event involving lots of people. By and large though it seems mostly comprised of everyday regular people and cops that are relatively chill and sort of let the protest happen but disperse it when it gets too mob like or when destruction starts going down...

the best way to keep up with what's actually going on with the whole thing (which I have to do every Saturday just to make sure I can get around the city ok) is go on Twitter on Saturdays and search #giletsjaunes and sort by latest...

giletsjaunes protests spread to nearly every major European city and there was mass unrest with fires and destruction happening on a really widespread scale and the EU freaked out.'


List of Demands - Les revendications des gilets jaunes

English Translation - The demands of the Yellow Vests

Alt list - Vest Graphic

The #GiletsJaunes #YellowVest movement consulted 30,000 of their people about why they were demonstrating and what changes they wanted the government to make. Here's the list of the demands they sent to the French government:

1. Housing for all homeless people
2. A more progressive tax system
3. Minimum wage of 1,300(Euro)/month
4. Measures to protect small businesses (stop building malls, no more "big box" stores), more parking spaces in downtowns
5. Government program for insulating homes & other buildings
6. Big businesses (McDonald's, Google, Amazon...) should pay big taxes & small businesses pay small ones
7. Same health insurance system for all (including self-employed)
8. Keep retirement system the way it is now (working people pay the pensions of retirees)
9. No more increases on fuel taxes
10. No old age pensions below 1,200(Euro)/month
11. All elected officials should earn French median income + reimbursement of travel costs if justified + meal tickets
12. All salaries & government benefits must be indexed on inflation
13. Protect French industry, outlaw delocalizations
14. End the European system whereby workers from other European countries are paid the lower salaries and benefits of their respective countries rather than French wages and benefits
15. Job security. Larger businesses should be obliged to give more employees permanent contracts (CDI)
16. Create a French industry of hydrogen powered automobiles
17. End the politics of austerity
18. Treat the causes that are forcing people to migrate.
19. Better treatment for asylum seekers. Provide lodging, food, security & education for minors. Work with the UN to build camps in many countries to hold asylum seekers until their papers are processed
20. Accompany those who are not granted asylum back to the countries they came from
21. Create a program for integrating immigrants. Living in France entails becoming French (certificate program in French language, history, civics)
22. Maximum salary fixed at 15,000(Euro)/month
23. Jobs for the unemployed
24. Increase disability pensions
25. Rent control. More social housing and in particular housing for college students, contractors, gig economy workers, people without steady jobs
26. Outlaw the sale of French public property (dams, airports...)
27. Allocate much more money to the justice system, the police and the armed forces. Pay police officers overtime or allow them to take the corresponding hours off
28. The totality of sums collected at toll booths should go to maintaining the countries highways & roads and to road security.
29. As the prices of natural gas & electricity have risen since these sectors were privatized, we demand the re-nationalization of these industries and the lowering of prices
30. An immediate end to the closings of smaller train lines, post offices, schools and maternity wards
31. Well-being for our elderly. Outlaw for-profit elderly care. The time of "gray gold" has come to an end
32. A maximum of 25 students per class from nursery school through high school
33. More public financing of psychiatry
34. Write a popular referendum system into the Constitution. Create an on-line referendum site where citizens can propose new laws, overseen by an independent body. If a proposition receives over 700,000 votes it should be introduced into Congress, accordingly completed, amended and discussed before all citizens are allowed to vote on it (within exactly one year of obtaining the 700,000 signatures)
35. Return to a presidential mandate of 7 years (currently it's 5) with interim elections of reps
36. Retirement for all at 60 years old and at 55 for people in professions that are hard on the body (construction work...)
37. Extension of public aid to parents paying for daycare for children up until 10 years of age
38. Incentivize transportation of merchandise by rail
39. No withholding of income tax
40. Presidents should no longer receive a salary for life
41. Outlaw the tax paid by shopkeepers each time a client pays by credit or debit card
42. Tax kerosene, air and maritime fuels

The End? No, This list, say the #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests, is non exhaustive. "The voice of the people should be heard through a referendum system that should rapidly be put in place."

"You have begun to burn our Towns, and murder our People. Look upon your Hands! They are stained with the Blood of your Relations! You and I were long Friends:
You are now my Enemy, and I am, Yours,"

- Benjamin Franklin, 1775