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History of Patriots

What is a Patriot?

Patriots create a purpose for living. They give people purpose, they give life meaning. 'My country is the world' wrote Thomas Paine in the Rights of Man - patriots do not recognized national, geological, manmade, or superstitious boundaries. To a patriot, all people are under his charge - each and everything thing upon Earth is beneath their command.

A patriot understands the value of chaos. Without change, with perpetual order, we would exist like clockwork: no meaning what-so-ever. A patriots job is never to assist the black hand as it swipes pawns off the chess board, neither in part nor parcel. Patriots see beyond the board to the vastness and limitless expanse of life.

Patriots are the biproducts of cultural phenomina. In times of great culture and of strong society, patriots bang out like fireworks upon the sky. They sacrifice life, not for money nor legacy; but for the immediate benefit of the living. Their legacy is one doomed - for their vision so potent, obtainment proves impossible. Generations are born, their work carried on, those lives sacrificed, and more born again... until after a great epoc an inkling of truth manefests in the present.

Like truth, a patriot can never be known or observed, directly. To witness unflinching conviction and fulness of purpose is submit beneath the weight of one massive stone, and out of freight, publics fling their arrows. No, the legacy of a patriot can not be desired; it is the life of a patriot that matters - this one life.

May we continue their great work, in bringing society ever closer to peace.

Not for fame - not for fortune - not for the future; but for today.

This is our burn.

There is no hope, no future, no past, nor a decision: there is only one thing - life.

Patriots live.

So while it hurts to acknowledge greatness, let us take pleasure in this pain, knowing that one day we too - just for one day - may live: for life.

Human Patriots

Civil Rights Era

The Civil Rights Era could more interpretatively be called racial rights, lasting from around 1800 to 2000 AD. Following the Age of Enlightenment, the social question was posed: can human races interact in peace? To which the world began discussing in earnest during the American Civil War, and concluded sometime after World War II.

The primary technology associated with the advent of interacial human relations was plane travel. As culture leaders quickly, instantly migrated from continent to continent more and more humans leaders converged upon a notion that societal ills were not plagues brought about by foreign races, but the cause of something more brutal.

Let us explore their journey.

Patrice Lumumba

Assassinated 1961 Congo

After gaining independence June 30th 1960, Western Powers backed Tshombe, a terrorist, and assassinated Patrice Lumumba on January 17th 1961.

Patrice Lumumba

Malcolm X on Patrice Lumumba

Medgar Evers

Assassinated 1963 America

" You can kill a man but you can't kill an idea. " After returning home from Normandy, Medgar Evers was killed 'mere hours' after JFK's Civil Rights speech; his assassin free for 31 years. His death marked the renewal of political murder within America.


John F. Kennedy

Assassinated 1963 America

On the space effort

On intercontenental independence

On culture

On peace

Malcolm X

Assassinated 1965 America

The father of Malcolm X was inspired by the work of Marcus Garvey, who suggested global blacks should rise up against the global whites. While continueing along in this belief, Malcolm's father was murdered. Thus the seed planted by Marcus Garvey took root in Malcolm's father and eventually gave birth to Malcolm X. Let us follow along in this journey:

The Ballot or the Bullet (1964)

After the Firebombing (1965)

Speech To SNCC Civil Rights Workers (January 1, 1965)

Martin Luther King, Jr

Assassinated 1968 America

April 4, 1968, Memphis, TN - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. MLK The Dignity of Labor Memphis Tennessee. Starvation Wage.

The Dignity of Labor - Memphis, TN

Fred Hampton

Assassinated 1968 America

Fred Hampton, a leader for the Black Panther Party in Chicago, Illinois was killed in his apartment during a police raid while sleeping, unarmed. "I am a Revolutionary, I am the proletariat, I am the People, I am not the Pig."

Political Prisoner

On daring to struggle

Robert F. Kennedy

Assassinated 1968 America

Soft-spoken and brilliant humanitarian orator, Robert ( Bobby ) F. Kennedy , claimed to have been shot by a lone gunman, disputed by Lawrence Teeter. Bobby believed young people must unite to enact Global change, without regard to borders.

Day of Affirmation Address in South Africa

"You have begun to burn our Towns, and murder our People. Look upon your Hands! They are stained with the Blood of your Relations! You and I were long Friends:
You are now my Enemy, and I am, Yours,"

- Benjamin Franklin, 1775