Kennedys Coin Kennedys Coin

Level 1 - Beginner

Computer Aid

Computers, $1,000

Legal Aid

Stenographer Machine, $2,000

Financial Aid

Zero to One, Peter Theil
Antifragile, Nassim Taleb
Four-Hour Workweek, Tim Farris

Medical Aid

Artistic Aid

Level 2 - Advanced

2 Professional Groups

1 Supportive Group

1 Artistic Group

4 Mentors

12 Mentees

Project Development

People Development

Brand Development

Level 3 - Enterprise

12 Mentors

48 Mentees

Advanced Research

Niche Specialization

Startup Financing

Startup Initiating

Business Evaluation

Syncing Up with Bitcoin 1776

Block Explorer

Install (same as Bitcoin Core) and connect to public nodes:

Click 'Help' -> Debug Window -> Console - Paste

addnode "" "add"
addnode "" "add"
addnode "" "add"

It will download until 530,501 blocks, at which point it may need a restart to be on the 6703 port (instead of 8333). From here you should be able to begin mining (after opening port 6703).

"Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future.
And we are all mortal."

- John Kennedy, 1963