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Shared equity, global politics, local success:

Bitcoin 1776

I pay you $500 if you win 1,000 JFK coins.
Win coins by getting lucky, doing good,
and encouraging others.

I will never sell you coins.

Total prize pool : $275,687.50

551,375 coins distributed via the:

World Series of Bitcoin!

Each table of play lasts 1 hour.

The more that participate,
the bigger the prizes.

Next session includes
$2,500 in tokens :)

To start, small groups of 8 to 12
gather in a virtual conference over Zoom.
Then each one answers briefly:

How are you improving
your life? (round 1)

And after about 20 minutes

How are you improving
other lives? (round 2)

Everyone should be offered time to answer,
of at least 2 minutes each per round.

After which people are counted off,
evens vs odds.

Then a dice in a cup is rolled and flipped,
until one number from each group appears,
to be eliminated. Remaining candidates
are discussed, for about 90 seconds
each, with a brief 45-second 'campaign'
of sorts, before each writes down the
number of their preferred winners
(one from evens, one from odd).

Once all votes are cast,
everyone writes down a secret number (1-8),
then reveals their votes at once on camera,
keeping their secret number hidden.

Those with the most votes win and advance!

Ties are decided by assigning one even,
the other odd, and totalling secret numbers,
or the roll of a dice in case of a 3-way tie.

The 2 winners move to the next table of 8,
and the process continues until none left.

The first 32 players will win 60 tokens each,
just for playing ($30 value), plus 250 more
to each of the winners of round one
(1 in 4 chance, $125 added), plus
540 tokens for the top 2 spots
(1 in 16 chance, $270 added), for
total prizes awarded of $2,500!

Prizes are sent over blockchain after
the following meeting, with the top 2
getting theirs once 3 more similarly
sized groups have formed, creating 6 other
winners, to form a new group of 8.

For new players, I will provide you with
a wallet, allowing you 60 days to move
or manage your coins before reclaiming
them as unwanted tokens.

To manage tokens, dowloand our software,
(see below) Bitcoin 1776 v0.17.0.1.
or someone else can do it for you.

Thank you, and best wishes!
Make a happier society: together.

Bitcoin 1776 is a version of the Bitcoin Core software, forked July 4th, 2018.
Our coin max is 17.76 million, reducing inflation and energy used by 98%.

Join, donate, and team-up
to build our community :D!

Find us at: Patreon - Paypal - Tesla - Robinhood

Bitcoin 1776, JFK coin donations to:

Midnight Discovery (501(c)3 tax-deductible donations)
Midnight Discovery, Inc
2500 Sutherland Ave
Knoxville, TN 37919

Syncing Up with Bitcoin 1776

Block Explorer

Install (same as Bitcoin Core) and connect to public nodes:

Click 'Help' -> Debug Window -> Console - Paste

addnode "" "add"
addnode "" "add"
addnode "" "add"

It will download until 530,501 blocks, at which point it may need a restart to be on the 6703 port (instead of 8333). From here you should be able to begin mining (after opening port 6703).

"Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future.
And we are all mortal."

- John Kennedy, 1963

World Series of Bitcoin